Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Across Idaho in Four Days: Up The Lochsa (Day Nine)

Idaho Day Two: Kamiah to Milepost 108 on the Lochsa.
Swallows and sunrise nudged us from our slumber. We were off to Kooskia for resupply and breakfast feast. Ample country gravy would sustain us for the coming miles. With supplies loaded and satisfied we had all we needed from civilization it was off into the wild green yonder.
The sun rose high in the sky, baking us against the asphalt frying pan. We did not find the cooling solace we had expected. The road and river peeled back the protective canopy, rays scorching our hides. Pushing up the lowest reaches of the Lochsa we found the river's banks packed with young cherry trees. Stopped under a choice tree, Laura decided to make a quick seatpost height adjustment. Overzealous bolt tightening was followed by a POP. The bolt, likely as old as the 1980's frame, just couldn't take it.
Panic seemed appropriate, but somehow a feeling of calm pervaded the scene. First we ate the cherries and tried a quick fix by wrapping the stripped threads in electrical tape. No luck. We took stock of our options and pushed the bikes up the long, scorching gravel driveway of the Reflections Inn. Somewhere nearby there had to be a bolt that would work, and this was the closest place to look.
Jim greeted us with cold well water and hope. Checking several places, he returned with hardware. The bolt, nut, and two washers held the seatpost at the right height, and we had our solution. He dropped a few more pearls of wisdom, including that the Lochsa valley is a recovery zone for agricultural bees.
Pausing by a popular swimming spot on the Lochsa, we had a complete bee experience. Jim had told us he doesn't wear yellow, and our yellow bags and chartreuse clothing did seem to hold a special attraction for the enthusiastic insects. Nearly falling over themselves, they licked our skin.


  1. What beautiful country! Thank you Jim for helping with the broken bolt.

  2. Once again, great pictures! It really is very beautiful!
    So glad you were able to fix the bike :)
    I am also glad to hear there are recovery zones for agricultural bees, with all the colony collapse issues and much of what we eat depending on bees!
    Ride safe :)