Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Out Of The Grey (Day Four)

Again we awoke to rain but this time a true downpour battered our tarp in the Bickleton schoolyard. We lay in wetness until dawn broke behind the leaden skies. Packed up in the rain our resolve was momentarily tested as we headed back to the Bickleton Market and Cafe for some hot grub. We arrived just short of the 7am opening and huddled under the awning of a nearby building. The cafe was worth the wait - hot drinks, hot food and free cherries!
As we ate, we reviewed a pictoral history of the local area. They have a strong connection to their pioneer past. The sky cleared and locals came in, remarking on the unusually strong downpour of the past night.
Warmed, drier, and with brighter spirits, we descended to the Yakima valley and spent the next several miles jealous of the productive farmland - goats, horses, cows, chickens, hops, corn, grapes, wheat, and cherries.
One bratwurst stop later, we crossed the Yakima just before it joins the Columbia and swooped into Richland.

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  1. I can imagine how nice the Bickleton Cafe must have felt after the downpour!