Friday, June 28, 2013

Small Town Sun (Day Six)

Perfect weather greeted us as the sun rose over the igneous canyon wall. Power gruel down the hatch, new stem installed (thank you Windust camp host, keeper of the keys, for use of your Allen wrench set), rubber hit the road. A surprise grasshopper tactical assault met us on the winding road up the canyon, yet our steel and aluminum steeds prevailed as the winged assailants flung themselves at our legs and spokes.
After a stop in Kahlotus, we continued on to Starbuck. There we drank a coffee-sugar-bvitamin elixir whilst discussing "earthiness" and adventure with the locals on the shady porch of the small store.
Under the scorching sun we once again put chain to gear. After one more small town stop- La Crosse for cool drinks and shade-  we continued through surprisingly single-specied farmland - green wheat blanketed the softly rounded hills. In twilight we rolled into Colfax, filled our canteens, and found a perch high above the town.


  1. Sounds like you're doing some miles! Attack of the locusts, aaack!

  2. I love the giant flaming pig!!! LOL! What's with the 'bike graveyard'? Kinda sad :( did you go through it for any useful parts?