Monday, June 24, 2013

Up The Klickitat (Day Two)

After a high oxygen induced slumber we emerged from our hiding spot with one goal in mind: Big Horse Brewery of Hood River. 17 miles passed quick and soon we were revisiting one of our highlight from the December journey. Sweet sweet beer...

Intending to cross the Columbia at Hood River we found the bridge closed to cyclists. The idea of riding along 84 to the next bridge was not appealing so we positioned ourselves strategically and put our faith in humanity. Soon enough Heather the kiteboarder and her dog Dakota pulled over to lend a hand. She gave us a quick lift over the narrow, metal grated bridge and we were on our way again!

The rest of our day was scenic as we continued under grey skies and a delicate mist that can only be described as "cherub's piss." We wound our way up the Klickitat, a very low traffic road that unfortunately lacked a shoulder in places. A rich mix of ponderosa, white oak, and big leaf maple populates the cracks of the hills sometimes spilling over completely.

We made our hobo den before the final ascent onto the plateau preceding Goldendale with plenty of light for exploration and bean soup.


  1. The landscape along the Klickitat does look gorgeous, but the no shoulder? Yikes! Glad it was low traffic.

  2. I like your hobo den! LOL! What's with the spider carcass? Looks like something ate it's insides, or maybe shed it's exoskeleton? It looks really big!!! Great pictures!
    Ride safe.